Online Cake Delivery to Gurgaon

With tall, shiny and multi-storeyed buildings and a steadily growing economy, Gurugram or our beloved Gurgaon is often regarded as the face of rising India. This growth was so abrupt and rapid that the local inhabitants are still coming to terms with this.

Anyways, because of this rapid growth, most people in Gurgaon tend to lead a fast paced life and have strict and busy schedules. So, this packed schedule and fast paced life often hinder people to visit stores physically to purchase a product. That’s where online purchasing is proving to be highly effective for the people of Gurgaon.

We all know that any occasion is incomplete without cakes and flowers, whether it is someone’s birthday or anniversary. So, to make your Cake and Bakery purchasing a lot easier is here in Gurgaon to elevate your experience of purchasing cakes.

So, if any occasion is knocking at your door and you are in urgent need to Send Online Cakes to Gurgaon then you should definitely try Cakesisland.

If you are that sort of a person who is workaholic and always tends to have a packed schedule but want to make it to your loved ones by sending those cakes, then pay a visit to website

Established a few years ago, came to prominence by providing much reliable Online Cake Delivery to Gurgaon.

With, spare yourself the pain of visiting cake shop physically by just vising their website which has a very intuitive and user-friendly UI consisting of wide varieties of cakes to choose from. From plane cakes to popular Black forest cakes, put a smile on the face of your loved ones by sending personalized cakes and bakeries.

Apart from Cakes, there are lots of exciting combos to choose from which consist of cake and flowers, soft toys and much more. You can also avail same day delivery if you order before 6 pm. This online Cake shop is currently delivering cakes along with other desserts and bakery products throughout Gurgaon. So, the distance will not be a barrier as you can send cakes with ease to your near and dear ones in Gurgaon even if you are residing outside Gurgaon.

Another advantage of visiting is the ease of payment. They tend to accept various modes of payment including Debit cards, Credit cards, paytm and Mobi-Quik.

If in case you want to send fresh flowers along with cakes you can choose as it is also a reputed provider of fresh flowers and bouquets ranging from fresh lilies to the ever popular mixed flower bouquets.

To avail free delivery, you can order anytime between 10 Am to 8 pm and even after 8pm you can send cakes to someone who is residing in Gurgaon by providing an extra of Rs250.

So, if you want to make any occasion memorable, don’t think twice, just visit with your Pc or Laptop and get started.

Cake Shop in Udyog Vihar

Any occasion is incomplete without sumptuous cakes. So, is here in Udyog Vihar to take care of your culinary ecstasy and to deliver cakes at your door steps anytime.

If you are in need of cakes or bakeries to make any occasion memorable whether it is your kid’s birthday or a wedding anniversary then you are just a phone call away from us. So, if you want to Order Cakes in Udyog Vihar, is the right place for you.

Established a few years ago in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon, has already captured people’s hearts with its delicious and fresh cakes and desserts at pocket-friendly rates and can be ordered from the comforts of your home. is a renowned name when it comes to Cake Home Delivery in Udyog Vihar.

So, whether you are at work or away you can always surprise your near and dear ones by sending them personalized cakes, along with flowers and desserts at an affordable price. provides you with a wide range of cakes and desserts to select from ranging from plain cakes to delicious Choco Fudge which is quite popular in Udyog Vihar. serves cake for all major occasions like birthdays, anniversary primarily. But no, they are not finished with that.

With you can send cakes to your colleagues or friends in order to congratulate them with their cake specially made to congratulate someone accompanied with flowers.

You can also lighten up the day of your loved ones who are ill by sending them personalized cakes of

During Valentine’s Day when love is in the air, show your love and affection and affection for your loved one with special Valentine’s Day themed cakes along with cute soft toys like Teddy Bears and bouquets.

Cakesisland.Com also takes orders to deliver personalized cakes for wedding ceremonies. So, your wedding ceremony will not be complete without the special wedding cake prepared with love just for you by

Apart from cakes, desserts and flowers, boasts to be one of those rare Cake Shops in Udyog Vihar that provides you with lucrative combos including cakes with flowers or cake with soft toys and much more.

If you think, this is the end then you are wrong, apart from cakes and exciting combos also provides you with fresh flowers and bouquets befitting any occasions and making them a memorable one.

So, if any occasion is knocking at your door and you are short of time to arrange cakes and other bakery items, just take your phone, call, choose from wide variety of delicious cakes and enjoy peace of mind, ensures that you get prompt home delivery of best quality cakes at an economical rate. So, even you are tight on budget Cakesisland will provide you with cakes that will be light on your pocket.

So, choose and make every occasion memorable!!

Online Delivery Of Cakes

Cakes Are a Simple Yet a Beautiful Way to Express Your Inner Sentiments to Anyone You Feel like.

The internet has become a platform with the help of which you can do about anything. This is more of a privilege if you are one such person who does not leave any stone unturned just to bring a smile on the face of anyone you feel like.
That’s the beauty of With the option of Photo Cake available, it gives you a chance to compile all those memories in the form of a cake and thus get it delivered in the form of a delicious surprise.

Being available in both the online as well as offline portals for customer ease, this delivery forum works as wonders when you want to make it up for your special people. Even if you happen to miss any celebration, will make it up for sure on your behalf.
You might that think that it is a complex procedure. Guess what?

It’s the complete opposite. Just one click confirming your Birthday Cake Design as well as the flavor which you wish to send, your order will be confirmed.
If you feel that price might be an issue, we would like to remind you that all good things come in small packages. offers the best of the prices to you so that there is absolutely no stress on your pocket. Surprisingly, if you are in a hurry, we are there for you at that time too!
Just place your order before 6 pm and get that Barbie Birthday Cake delivered for you cute little niece the same day. If this is not enough, you can also sort by the occasion on which you wish to send gifts to your close people and choose accordingly.

Getting the solutions to all your wants and needs under a single roof is a great deal after all.
The Online Delivery of Cakes is an emerging concept with many individual and groups stepping into it but is unique and worthy of being your number one choice because of their personalized touch in each thing which they offer. Their personalized touch is subject to red roses, pretty carnations; fresh lilies which can be combined with greetings and soft toys too which are not only a lovely sight but you can drool over their lip-smacking flavors of the different types of cakes offered by them.

All of us are well aware of how girls are particular about the décor, designing and similar stuff, from combining teddy bears and chocolates in the form of hampers to preparing customized Birthday Cakes for Girls, works to fulfil every cake wish of all the girls out there.
Now, that is something really interesting. Any celebrated event or occasion is incomplete without a peck of sugar and Cakes for Delivery by are the perfect example of a splendid mixture of sugar which is blended with great creativity and innovation and are finally delivered with love.

Home Delivery of Birthday Cakes: A Sheer Delight

What else could be more delightful than the Home Delivery of Birthday Cakes? Whether you live in the same city or reside far away from your near and dear ones, you can always surprise them by ordering their favorite flavored cake right at their doorstep.

Apart from surprising your loved ones, there are plenty of other benefits attached with getting the cakes delivered at home. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Convenience: One of the biggest advantages of home delivery of birthday cakes is convenience. You can get the cake right at the comfort of the home without having to move a muscle. It is quite a pleasure to receive the cake at home, especially, if you are living in a tier 1 city. Thus, to get the Cake Home Delivery in Gurugram or Mumbai is no less than a delight.


  • The Preserved Shape of the Cake: When you bring home the cake on your own, most of the times either the shape is ruined or the extra elements that have been placed on it by the cake maker go haywire. However, on the other end, when you place an order for Online Delivery of Cakes, it gets delivered by a professional who knows how to handle it, preserve itsshapes, and keep the extra elements intact.


  • Eliminate Any Risk of Not Bringing Home the Cake: You might forget the cake, you might stuck in the traffic, or an emergency situation makes the bringing of the cake slip through the cracks. But when you make a professional accountable for getting the cake delivered to your doorstep, he does it without a fail.


  • Cost Advantageous: Manually going to the cake shop to place the order and running back again to pick it up is quite a costly, tiresome and time consuming affair. But, let’s say, when you have placed an order for Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon or Bangalore, there is no need to struggle through the traffic again and again. The cake gets delivered at your place without any hassle.


  • Your Address Your Time: Bringing the cake home and preserving it in a refrigerator may spoil the surprise. Thus, with the Same Day Cake Delivery offer that the cake makers provide, you can decide the time of getting the cake delivered and thus, keep at bay any chance of surprise spoil. However, it is necessary to check the time condition to avail same day delivery of the cake.


Cakes Delivery at Home: The Stress-Less Way to Celebrate Birthdays or Other Merry Occasions

Getting the cakes delivered at home is, in fact, a true sign of celebrating the event without a worry of the world., a leading name when it comes to Online Cake Delivery in Gurugram gets the cake delivered at your place without any sort of delay, thus, ensuring that the fun and excitement of your event don’t fade up. Get to choose from wide varieties of cakes, flowers and personalized gifts only at

Know these Six Birthday Cake Designs

Cakes are imperative for any jolly occasion. Not just they add to the mirth and merriment but they also pamper the taste buds of those who are celebrating the event. Apart from being toothsome and mouthwatering, they are elegant too. All thanks to their appealing design for making them the cynosure of all eyes.

However, not every Birthday Cake Design is same. They are customized based on every occasion and personalized based on the demands of the customers. Here are various cake designs that you should know about:

  • 3D Birthday Cake Design: There are cakes that boast of amazing 3D elements, for instance, 3D shapes, alphabets, etc. These elements are edibles and look amazing on the cake. A special care regarding the packaging is undertaken before sending the Cakes for Delivery.


  • Level Cakes: Depending on the needs of the customers, more than one or two levels are added on the base of the cake. They elevate the cake’s height and make it look fabulous when introduced to the event.


  • Cakes with a Photo on its Face: These days, cakes with photos are on the top of the trending chart. Just share your photo with the makers of the cake and they will get it imprinted on the cake. The interesting point to note here is that the imprinted picture is edible. Thus, branding a Photo Cake as fabulous creation by the cake admirers won’t be untrue.


  • Gender Specific Cakes: Blue is one such color that is mostly associated with boys and pink with girls. Similarly, there are certain shapes that are gender specific too. For instance, square, circles, etc. are for boys while a majority of girls adore heart shape, hexagon, etc. Keeping in mind all the aforementioned, there are different Birthday Cakes for Girls and boys.


  • Cakes Based on Age: When it comes to Kids Birthday Cakes, they cannot be a fluffy circle with a mundane candle flickering in its center. It has to be colorful and lively. On the other hand, if it’s a wedding anniversary or birthday of an adult, the Birthday Cake Design shouldn’t be a cartoon character. Hence, age plays an important role while designing a cake.


  • Fondant Cakes: Fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water. Due to the fact that it is flexible and doesn’t break easily, it is mostly used on cakes to make designer elements. Also, a fondant can be of any color or shade. Fondant cakes are known to preserves the fluffiness prudently.


Wrapping Up

A cake is the life of any joyful occasion and it has to be just perfect and as per the needs of the customer., a leading name in the world of cakes, fathoms the aforementioned fact very well. Thus, it offers wide varieties of cake at a competitive price. Place your order and collect your cake from them. Or if you wish to surprise your loved one, just ask to get the cake delivered at your given address. All in all, with their Cakes for Delivery option, you can always delight your near and dear ones from anywhere.

Cakes to Order

As the civilization progresses in the future, we as humans, search for the occasions to celebrate. From birthdays to promotions, we just need reasons to celebrate. And to make these occasions special, a sumptuous cake is an important aspect. So if you are wondering about cakes, is the ideal online cake delivery shop for you.

At, we offer numerous cakes to order. Now, the selection depends on your preference, the type of occasion, and the number of attendants. At, we believe in creating memories. Hence, we incorporate all the details before making a suitable cake for the occasion.

Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are the most celebrated occasions. As the countdown begins, the excitement elevates day by day. Birthday is about two things – cakes and gifts. At, we understand the importance of this day and hence, we offer an unparalleled range of birthday cakes.

If it’s your girl’s birthday, you can order a girls birthday cake from us. The preference and taste differ with the genders. We are particular about the distinction and hence, we have specially baked birthday cakes for girls.  Similarly, boys have their own preference. To satisfy their urge, our expert chefs whip and bake suitable birthday cakes for boys.

Anniversary Cakes

Well, you must be aware of this fact that you cannot afford to forget the anniversary date. And in case if you did, you can compensate for the dire mistake by presenting a lavish anniversary cake to your spouse. Couple it with a bouquet of fragrant flowers so that you don’t leave any stone unturned.

At, you can order cakes for relationship anniversaries, marriage anniversaries, etc. Not only this, we specialize in wedding cakes as well. For a large gathering, tiered cakes are an ideal choice.

Other Occasions

Cakes are not limited to birthdays and anniversaries. If someone is feeling depressed, you can delight them with a suitable cake from Display your unending love and affection by ordering cakes without any hesitation. Rectify your mistake and apologize with humbleness. But, if you want to increase the probability of pardon, send a beautiful cake with a personalized cake. As you can see, the cakes are just like magic wands. They can weave magic in every occasion.

Photo Cakes

Is your son a diehard fan of FC Barcelona? If yes, we have the perfect FC Barcelona photo cake for your son. Our photo cakes are prepared with edible icing layer on the top. While baking photo cakes, we utilize high-quality photo for printing purpose. Relive past memories by ordering photo cakes with a layer of your favorite snap from the past.

Delectable Flavors

Flavors can incite the taste buds of the consumers and you can win accolades for your choice of cake. At, we impart the irresistible flavors to the cakes that will ignite the spark of relations in your life. From standard flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry to exotic ones like kiwi, blueberry, black currant, and so on; we indulge in delivering incomparable quality and services to our customers.

Cake Shop in Gurgaon

Gurugram, or our beloved Gurgaon, is gradually transforming into a metropolitan city. The influx of working professionals is on a consistent rise. And with this, the count of special occasions is also increasing every day. knows the importance of celebrations and it strives to glorify each occasion with its exquisite range of cakes, flowers, chocolates, and soft toys. Without any second thought, you can rely on, the best cake shop in Gurgaon.

Send Online Cakes to Gurugram

In this fast paced life, it becomes difficult to mark your presence in the celebrations. This doesn’t mean you cannot express your feelings to your dear ones. Shower blessings and love by presenting tempting cakes on the special occasions. is the perfect choice to send online cakes to Gurugram. When the clock strikes midnight, the cake will be delivered on the doorstep. The birthday celebrations will commence with your precious gift to your loved one.

Send online cakes to Gurgaon by simply selecting from a wide of range of luscious cakes available on After purchase, you just need to schedule the time and place of home delivery of cake in Gurgaon. We will ensure that the cake is delivered without any delay.

Flowers Delivery in Gurugram

Instill love, fragrance, and happiness in other’s life by sending a bouquet of vibrant flowers. professionalizes in flowers delivery in Gurugram. And it’s not just a bunch of flowers. curates beautiful designer bouquet that will grab the onlooker’s attention immediately. Make your greetings special with Lilies, Carnations, Roses, Orchids, Gerberas, etc.

Grab the irresistible combos of cakes and flowers for a suitable occasion. If it’s your marriage anniversary or it’s your partner’s birthday, consider opting for a strawberry cake with a bouquet of roses and lilies. There are numerous combos available on for each and every occasion.

Cake Delivery in Gurgaon

A celebration is incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony. Whether it’s your child’s birthday or a corporate party, a cake can make or break the occasion. Embrace and order tempting cakes in varied shape and sizes. Our experienced chefs know the tact of carving a perfect cake for a suitable occasion. Let your guests appreciate the aesthetic value of the cake. Not only this, the impeccable flavor of the cake will surely incite your taste buds like fuel propels fire.

You can order cakes in Gurgaon from different flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, butter scotch, black forest, pineapple, etc. If you are more inclined towards exotic flavors, choose from kiwi, blueberry, chocolate truffle, black currant, and so on.

If you are looking for a theme-based cake, we can assist you with full allegiance. Buy photo cakes on depicting various themes like Barbie birthday cake, superheroes cake, cartoon cakes, etc.

Your quest for perfect cakes and combo gifts ends here on Express love and affection with not just words but with tempting cakes from the best cake shop in Gurugram. Make your occasion an unforgettable memory by ordering online cakes in Gurgaon from

Find the best Cake Shop In Gurgaon

A Certain Amount Of Display Of Affection Never Did Any Bad To Anyone. You Now Have The Option To Send Gestures Of Love To Your Dear Ones Anywhere And At Any Time.

You must have been in a situation when your best friend’s birthday is round the corner but you were not able to do anything for her because you were not physically present around her at that time. is a Cake Shop in Gurgaon, which comes to your rescue in such situations. Not only you can place the orders of impeccable cake designs from this online delivery forum, but can also opt for a wide range of flowers as well as gifts. From Cakes to Order to the different combinations which include greetings and soft toys, is home to everything what it takes for you to make your loved ones feel special.

The wide range of cakes which it includes be it a Kids Birthday Cake, or an Anniversary Cake, the designs are a treat to the eye. This online delivery shop is for everyone who likes to do something out of the box to make his/her loved ones feel special.

Now, being a rational consumer, sticking to the very fact that in order to attain a qualified product, you need to shell out a lot of money, you must be thinking that this online delivery shop will also be highly priced. Breaking this age old norm, is a complete value for the best prices which it offers in exchange of commendable cake and flower combinations.
Once you look at the collection, you would not even wait for any special occasion so as to bring a wide smile on the face of your dear ones.
They have ideas for each occasion.
You want to confess something?
You feel like apologizing?
You want to order a Boys Birthday Cake or plan to gift a fabulous Girls Birthday Cake?
You wish to send a customized birthday cake along with freshly blooming flowers? is the one stop solution to every need of yours of a similar kind.

Who had thought that a simple online ordering firm would work so efficiently and leave no stone unturned to help you out just for the sake of your special ones?

Another doubt which might strike you is that with so many competitive options available, what makes outshine the rest. Below stated are some of the features which increase the authenticity and credibility of the services rendered by it.
1. You always get a treat for the money you invest in terms of a quality product
2. The ordered things are always prepared on the spot
3. The products are fresh even if delivered online or eaten at their physical outlet in Gurgaon
4. They have a promise of delivering the ordered product on the same day if you place your order before 6 pm

Their ideas and services will speak for their splendid work once given a try. They are something you can definitely look up to when it comes to making a memory worth cherishing.